Refolo Landscape Architects, is an established chartered landscape architecture studio with experience in a wide range of sectors including residential, townscape regeneration, master planning, public realm, leisure, education and surface water management systems. We design outdoor architecture, the space in between buildings or on top of buildings like green roofs or roof gardens. The design can be as small as a town garden or as large as a city masterplan. Opposite ends of the scale but both with their own challenges and feeding into the overall outdoor architectural process.  

At Refolo we like to consider ourselves as a forward thinking landscape architecture practice. We research before we act. We embrace challenges. We are committed to designing outdoor architecture that is environmentally sustainable, wildlife friendly, aesthetically pleasing, functional and lasting.

According to Vitruvius in his famous book De architectura a structure must exhibit the three qualities of firmitatis, utilitatis, venustatis – stability, utility, beauty. For Vitruvius, architecture is an imitation of nature. As wildlife construct their nests, so humans construct housing from natural materials. Nature provides us with the fundamental geometric patterns of the cosmic order which we apply in all architecture whether indoors or outdoors. Vitruvius, wrote about climate in relation to buildings and location for cities. The landscape is the setting. If the setting is well considered, all else will interlock.